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4 Tools use to clear clogged drains

Plumber Sydney are well armed with the right tools and have the required technique, so its easy for them to clear clogged drains in a short period of time without necessarily having to make a call to a professional. All the plumbing systems normally develop clogs and there is no way to avoid clogs.
The following piece of information is going to teach you on some tools use to clear clogged drains whether in the bathtub, kitchen sink, floor drain or toilet. It is important to master these tools as they can really help ease your work. The plunger This is actually the first tool that you need to get especially when trouble arises. The plunger is a plumber friendly tool that clears clogs completely from moisture that include tubs, toilets and sinks. This is a tool that every homeowner should possess.
Cable auger This is yet one of the tools use to clear clogged drains. It is also referred to as the “plumber’s snake”. It is a very long and flexible steel cable that is wound around a small spool that is fitted easily with a hand crank. The plumber’s snakes come in various sizes; there are those with lengths up to 100 feet. A closet auger This cleaning tool is specifically used in toilets actually snaking out toilets. Like the cable auger, it is also has a hand crank and has a rigid shaft encased instead of a spool.
The end of the closet auger is bent at a very precise angle in order to fit through the tight curves of the toilet trap. Electric power auger This tool is used for very large clogs or those ones that are far from the fixtures. It is basically a very huge cable auger that is powered by electric motor. It is very effective at cutting through any resistant clog. Before using an electric power auger, make sure you learn how to safely dispense and retrieve its cable.