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A Hot Water Problem in Narrabeen

The house was a great buy, Joseph knew that. It was near the lakes, in a wonderful neighbourhood, with enough room for a small family. The asking price was unbelievable and the only reason he was able to buy this house for that price was the recession. The owner had lost his job a year back and had been unable to find another job. Now, they could no longer continue paying the mortgage and were desperate to sell off the house. Joseph was equally desperate to buy.

He had toured the house before the purchase and knew that there were some plumbing issues in the house. The family that had occupied the house did not have the money to call the plumber so they had put up with the lack of hot water.

But, before he could move in, he needed these hot water problems sorted out. He did not want plumbers or painters moving in and out of the house at odd hours.

But, Joseph was new to this area and he knew nobody here. How could he find himself an expert plumber for the heater problem? He spoke to the real estate agent who had handled the sale of the home. The agent gave him the contact number of a plumber from Narrabeen.

“These are the best plumbers in Narrabeen. They look after all kinds of plumbing problems in Pittwater, Dee Why, Brookvale, Mona Vale, Curl Curl and Collaroy. They have just finished with a major renovation work in Manly We recommend their services highly,” the agent said.

He wondered if the agent was getting a cut but since he had no choice, he decided to call the emergency plumber regarding the hot water problem.

After hanging up the phone, Joseph had to admit that these plumbers sounded very professional. They had assured him that they would come in a little under two hours to look at the hot water system.

Just as they had promised, the Narrabeen plumber arrived on time. This was another huge surprise for Joseph because none of the plumbers he had worked with in the past cared for punctuality. As soon as they came, they started work.

They took a look at the hot water problem. The heater was filled with mineral deposits and they did an excellent job of cleaning the hot water heater without dirtying the bathroom. In the end, they left a guarantee for the work they had done. Joseph was also pleased with the bill – these guys were professional and affordable. A rare combination!

Now, Joseph makes it a point to recommend these plumbers highly if anyone asked him for the number of a plumber.

Excellent plumbers are a rare find. If you do not have the number of an expert plumber, just call us on 0488 886 304 and we can fix your hot water heater fixed asap!

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