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Plumber Narrabeen Pipe Relining

When buying a property, it always pays to have a thorough inspection of its plumbing system carried out, particularly if it is an old or established home. Whilst pipes of high standards are/have been typically used in Australia to construct underground sewer systems, the strongest of pipes can become damaged, broken or clogged due to old age, debris build up and environmental forces, the most common being the intrusion of tree roots. When growing tree roots go in search for water, they will attack sewer pipes and are often successful in making their way through them, thus blocking them. You will know if this has occurred if you have noticed the following at your property:

  • Water in your basins and sinks taking a very long time to drain
  • Toilet water not receding
  • Awful smells around bathroom and kitchen zones
  • Overflowing drains outside
  • Gurgling and bubbling noises coming from sinks

Whilst an old fashioned hand plunger, draining chemicals and drain snakes can be effective in unclogging drains without professional help, the above signs are often symptoms of a sewer system that requires the urgent attention of a professional plumber. The good news: no longer do you need to resign yourself to the fact that your garden and property will need to be dug up in order to perform the pipe repairs. The latest pipe rehabilitation method known as ‘pipe relining’ requires no excavation and is therefore a cleaner and more cost-effective method. It is also fast and ‘permanent’.

More about pipe relining

As mentioned previously, pipe relining is a cleaner alternative to the traditional pipe repair method requiring messy excavation. It basically requires the insertion of a pipe liner made of fibreglass cloth into the host pipe to effectively create a new pipe, one that is far more resilient than before. This revolutionary method can be used to repair all types of sewer pipes and for lengths ranging from 40mm to 600mm.

The pipe relining steps

To give you a better understanding of how pipe relining works, here is a step-by-step account of how the process is performed:

Partial cleaning of pipes: The first step in the process is to partially clean the pipes with a hydro jetter to enable inspection of them.

CCTV video inspection: Once the pipes have been partially cleared, an inspection of the pipes takes place via a CCTV sewer camera in order to identify the location and severity of the damage. The client is also invited to view the images to gain insight into the nature of the pipe blockage.

Comprehensive clean: Following the video inspection, a thorough clean of the pipes is carried out to ensure they are clear of debris before the important lining process takes place.

Installing the liner: The next step is to install the resin-infused fibreglass cloth liner into the affected pipe by means of a machine called an ‘inverter’. An air compressor is utilised to press the liner into the host pipe to fit its diameter perfectly.

Curing time: Once the liner has been inserted into the host pipe, it is left to dry or ‘cure’ for about two hours. For larger pipes, steam may be introduced to accelerate the curing process.

Quality control: The final stage of the pipe relining process is a second CCVT video inspection to ensure the pipe relining job has been done successfully.

Pipe relining – the benefits

When making a decision to try a new service, it’s natural to want to know the ways in which it will benefit you. The benefits of pipe relining are numerous and include the following:

  • Cost-effective – As no excavation is required, nor a large labour force or extensive equipment, pipe relining is a far cheaper pipe repair option compared to more traditional methods
  • Minimal disruption – This ‘no dig’ method means that there is minimal disruption not only to your property, but your lifestyle
  • Fast process – Whilst traditional methods of pipe repair can take days to complete, pipe relining typically takes less than a day – only a few hours in some cases
  • Pipes that have been relined become super resilient, even against the earth’s strongest forces
  • Relined pipes have a steadier, smoother wastewater flow
  • Pipe relining is guaranteed to last up to 50 years

If this impressive method of pipe repair seems like the perfect solution to your sewer system woes, give us a call today on 0488 886 304. Our pipe relining experts are ready to answer your questions.