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Basic Plumbing Inspection and Repair

Plumbing inspection may be a tiring chore to some, as it needs to be done regularly and properly. The reason for this is because while a few plumbing problems are immediately visible, others require the use of specialised tools and heightened senses to find. Here are the tips you need to follow to do this […]

By Admin | February 23, 2015 | Read more >

Roof drains installation process

   The circumstances with material or canals is that by the point you comprehend that you have an issue, harm has been performed. A top that is not working remedying, or canals that are incapable, can end with costly devastation to the house that necessities to be repaired. It is really once in a while […]

By Admin | May 16, 2014 | Read more >

Guide for Installing Hot Water Heaters and Usage of CCTV Camera

   There are different sorts of boiling point water heaters, in the same way as the electric and gas. Each of them accompanies remarkable profits. Just it relies on upon the particular needs of your home. Introducing another gas or electric heater in your home can spare your cash. Anyway later, on the off chance […]

By Admin | May 8, 2014 | Read more >

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A Short Tale from Narrabeen

The alarm went off and Dave stumbled out of bed to begin his morning ablutions. The sun shone brightly across the azure water and Dave smiled as he shuffled past the glorious ocean view. The day was going to be perfect, sun was shining, there was an afternoon breeze forecast and even better it was Saturday!

He stepped into the bathroom and was snapped awake as the floor was soaking wet. What on Earth has happened here he thought. He opened the vanity cupboard to find all of his things swimming in water. Water cascaded from the cupboard along his soaked bath mat and into the drain.

He started to remove all of the items from the cupboard whilst being sprayed with water. He remembered from his renting days that a plumber had told him to look for a shut off valve underneath his kitchen sink for his flick mixer, he assumed it would be the same situation here.

Sure enough he found that the flexible connection on the bathroom flick mixer had burst and water had been leaking for some time. He was able to turn off the water supply and stood back to assess the damage.

He sighed as he realised that he needed to call a plumber. This could take all day he muttered to himself. He called his Narrabeen plumber and enquired about the wait time for a Saturday call out. The plumber was so friendly he couldn’t believe his luck, he said he would be there in 30 minutes and carried a flick mixer on his truck that came with a great manufacturer’s warranty.

The plumber arrived fairly quickly much to Dave’s surprise and by cleaning out the cupboard Dave had made access to the mixer easy for the plumber. The plumber had the new mixer installed in no time and also checked that the kitchen mixer was in good condition to save another potential emergency. Dave was pleased with the great service which enabled him to enjoy his weekend as planned.